4 reasons to choose special bets

4 reasons to choose special bets

A few weeks ago I was trying to explain to my mum for the umpteenth time what online betting was all about and decided that the best thing to do was to give her a tour of the website so that she could familiarise herself with the different markets. She wasn’t too interested in the ‘tour’, to be honest, but when I showed her the section and we went in to see the different special markets on offer, it was a different story.

The truth is that the usual markets, such as 1X2, First Goal Scorer, Number of Goals, etc, didn’t motivate her too much, but as soon as she started to see the specials her attention grew. She found them “funny”… Funny? Well, I don’t know, everyone is free to think as they like, and if my mother thought they were funny markets, then who was I to refute her, because the next time I go to eat at her house, instead of baked rice, she might make me artichokes. Be careful, upsetting a mother is not usually good business.

In any case, there is something about special bets that makes them attractive, but… what is it?

We like the curious

It’s an intrinsic part of being human. When we go to a restaurant and we see a strange dish, it doesn’t matter if we don’t know what it is, something makes us ask for it or, at least, ask what that ‘Capricho de Ajoblanco con trampantojo de jamón y espuma de cereza’ is… Well, this is almost the same, because the fact of being able to bet on which team will win their next 3 matches, or which team will score more goals in a match day, calls us, motivates us, we like it?

It’s something different, it’s something out of the routine, it’s something like a bit of a twist… and that’s cool, we’re not going to deny it. And if it also happens that the odds on offer are attractive, well, that’s it, there goes my 10$ on Sevilla scoring more goals than Valencia this matchday… to give an example.

Odds, odds, odds

I mentioned it in passing in the first point, but things as they are, no matter how nice and curious we find a market, if the odds are not good, there is nothing to do… Let’s say, no matter how much we are motivated by the ham trompe l’oeil, if we do not like cherries, we will order the steak, which does not sound so good, but we know we like it.

However… if, as well as having the chance to bet on a different and fun market, the odds on offer are high, then things change. It’s worth taking a little bit of risk, playing to read the games in a different way, to show what we are made of.

An example? Come on, Madrid play Sporting, Betis and Espanyol in the first 3 rounds of La Liga. It would be normal for Los Blancos to get a full house, but the match-to-match odds seem to be very low. Then, all of a sudden, we see that there is a special bet offering a odds of 1.95 for the 3 Merengues wins… Will we let it pass?

A controlled risk

Let’s move on. OK, we agree that the markets are curious and the odds are attractive, but the impossible missions are best left to Tom and his colleagues, and this is where our knowledge of the medium comes into play.

You understand football, you and I both do, so you’re one of those who know how to distinguish between the big opportunities and the minefields, because there’s a bit of everything in this type of market, we’re not going to deny that.

Each special market involves a risk, but if we know how to decide, we are talking about a controlled risk, a way of channelling our knowledge to increase the profits of our bets, although if we want to risk like there is no tomorrow and look for the improbable, we will also find here the market we are looking for… and, as the slogan says, Impossible is Nothing.

Every week is different

Every match is different, and so is every week when it comes to the special markets, as they tend to vary after each matchday. This gives us the possibility to choose each week from a range of possibilities among which we are sure to find the bet we are looking for… Anyway, I think these are more than enough reasons to try our luck and, hey, if my mother says they are funny, who am I to contradict her?


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