Asthme au quotidien

Welcome on this web site devoted to asthma.

The goals of this site are:

  • to suggest Internet interesting sites for people suffering from asthma and who wish in knowing more about this disease,
  • to offer a support for the health professionals,
  • to make available various tools of evaluation and support for the treatment of asthma,
  • to illustrate frequent situations lived by the asthmatic people,
  • to define the terms frequently used.

Asthma is one of the most frequent chronic diseases. It is also the cause of an important consumption of healthcare imposing an important socio-economic human burden to the people, to their family and on the company. It is however possible to control asthma by simple measurements and an adjusted medication. As asthma can be different from one person to another and the different needs for treatment, it is important always to consult a doctor before applying suggested recommendations as well to this site as in the suggested publications.

We hope that this site will be useful for you,

Louis-Philippe Boulet, MD, FRCP(C), Pneumologist
Collaborator: Hélène Boutin, MSc, Nurse

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