7 Tricks to Win Money Playing Keno

7 Tricks to Win Money Playing Keno

Keno, also known as “Chinese lottery”, is an ancient game of chance very similar to bingo and lottery, but with the following differences: in this casino game, the card has 80 numbers of which you have to mark up to 20. The 20 numbers that make up the winning combination are then drawn at random. As in the lottery, the more numbers you match, the bigger your prize and the more money you can win.

You have to keep in mind that Keno is not one of those games where you can win a lot of money, on the contrary, its paytables are usually quite low.

As it is a random game of chance like slots or bingo, it may seem that there is no trick to winning more money, but this is not the case. Still, below we’re going to give you several useful tips and strategies for winning at Keno.

Start playing without betting

This tip can be extrapolated to any other game of chance: before you start betting money on any online casino game, make sure you know how to play it, that you like it and what winnings you can expect from playing it for free. That is, without betting money.

In the case of Keno, there are several online casinos that allow you to play it for points, such as Casino Midas, where you also have other game options such as 40 number boards instead of 80 so that the odds of winning are higher.

Pick your numbers at random

Keno is a game where the numbers are random, so your numbers should be random too. Choosing ‘lucky numbers’ based on anniversaries, birthdays and the like will severely limit your choices because, as we explained at the start, in keno the casino chooses 20 winning numbers out of 80.

If your subconscious leads you to always use the same numbers, you can use a random number picking program or website, where you have to select the minimum and maximum number (in this case “1” and “80”) and click “generate”, and so on.

Choose the right amount of numbers

As mentioned above, you can choose up to 20 numbers to play keno with. It has been mathematically proven that choosing between 4 and 6 numbers offers the best odds of winning in this casino game. Maximum 10. Many casinos know this and therefore force their players to play at least 1o numbers.

You have to keep in mind that betting less numbers also means less reward.

Play more for less money

Before we explain this, let’s start from a simple premise: although one of the goals of this and all online casino games and betting is to win money, the main goal should be to have fun. Why? Because nothing, not even our tips and tricks, ensures that you will win money, let alone get rich. So, to begin with, enjoy the game, and play it only if you enjoy it.

Going into the explanation of this strategy for winning keno, you need to know that if the price of the keno card is high, the payout it can give you is also high, but only if you get it right. If you miss you have a big disadvantage, and that is that you will be able to play fewer games and your money will run out sooner.

For this reason, we recommend buying cheaper tickets, so that you can play many more games and increase your chances of winning, even if it is slower.

Look for a progressive Keno game

Since keno has fairly low winning odds, a good strategy to win more money is to look for a keno game at an online casino that has a progressive jackpot. However, bear in mind that to enter a progressive jackpot game the stakes are usually higher, so it will require you to place a higher wager.

Take advantage of welcome bonuses

As we already mentioned in this general article on how to win money in any casino game, a very good trick to get off to a good start in online casinos is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses that you get when you sign up and later the promotions that they send out through their newsletters.


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