Innovative Developments Make Life Easier for Players

Innovative Developments Make Life Easier for Players

New advancements reduce costs for owners, as well as make clients stay in gambling establishments more comfortable and safe. Experts have studied the main trends of Hi-Tech and compiled a rating of the most promising technologies. It is based on the example of casinos that have already introduced them into their daily life and have not regretted it.

Not so long ago, online casinos have become an innovative advancement for players. High-quality and interesting games perfectly combine with great accessibility. For instance, there are not a lot of requirements to play on Casino Chan login, deposit, and have a great time enjoying your favorite titles. Such platforms usually provide a wide collection of different titles including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker, and so forth. Several years ago it was hard to believe that it would be possible to play such games without leaving a home. Still, technologies continue to develop and we can observe mechanical robots visiting common casinos.

Can Robots Play Card Games and Remember Faces?

Robots in Casino

The owners of the Pechanga Resort & Casino decided to increase the security of the casino and ordered two security robots from Knightscope. It is a stationary smart machine almost 2 meters high and weighing 68 kg, stands at the entrance to the casino and scans visitors 24/7. Rudy records video and audio takes photos and sends the collected material to the specialists in charge of the security of Pechanga Resort & Casino.

  • The robot examines casino visitors for weapons and other prohibited items, records any suspicious or potentially dangerous activity. 
  • In emergency situations, thanks to remote control, the presence of speakers and a microphone, it can act as a negotiator.
  • Knightscope K1 has been operating in a California casino since July 2018, and during this time has managed to identify three suspects in robbery and assault. 
  • Rudy also does not refuse to help people who cannot find their cars in the parking lot. It identifies the location of vehicles by license plates.

Total Rewards App and Bonuses

The Harrah’s casino network has entered into a deal with the developer of the Total Rewards application to increase the flow of visitors. The program for smartphones and tablets based on IOS and Android uses intelligent analytics and data modelling. It collects information about the user’s bets in Harrah’s casino, tracks the history of games and sends a detailed report to the employees of the gambling establishment.

  • After downloading and activating the application, the new customer receives a personalized Total Rewards card from Visa. 
  • A visitor can replenish the card for almost any amount and pay with it directly at casinos, hotels and other entertainment complexes owned by Harrah’s.
  • The payment card is synchronized with the user’s application and the casino database. Information about bets on slot machines or roulette, about playing poker or blackjack is instantly taken into account in the client’s profile.

Total Rewards works in real-time. It analyzes the number of games, the size of the bets and other data. Thanks to the application, the casino employee knows when the player may run out of money in the account. At that moment it offers to take a short break and return to the game after the rest.


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