Slot machine review: Nordic Heroes

Slot machine review: Nordic Heroes

Welcome to the world and riches of the Vikings

Want to play a game that offers a fantastic prize without being a progressive jackpot? That’s what the Nordic Heroes® slot has for you, it’s a slot machine game not to be missed. You will be able to develop your hero in the different levels that will emerge. Although it is not the jackpot that rises after every spin, it is not all bad to be able to have the chance to win $450 000. Nordic Heroes® has been created from IGT which is a major US gaming manufacturer.

The game has great features such as mystery multiplier and the bonus battle made up of two extra bonus games which is like in a video game where you have to beat the last level before you can move on to the next level.


  • Incredible prizes.
  • Good graphics and soundtrack.
  • 8 different levels.

The Worst

  • Not a progressive slot.

We had a lot of fun when we played Nordic Heroes, it really feels like a real Viking and we can guarantee that you will spend hours trying to get to the next level and develop the character you have chosen.

Technical Features

You will meet Ragnar and Thoran in new adventures in Forrest of Fortune and the Sea of Glory, where the realm of summer and honour awaits. May the best fighter win against the terrible opponents. You have two distinct parts, the first you will meet the wolves and wild boars in the forest and in the other you will meet the king-killer who can be found in the shadows.

At sea you will face new dangers, many Vikings have lost their lives and are buried in the floor of the seabed. Beneath the surface, they hide the terrible Ragnarok. Crabs and octopuses can also be found in the depths of the sea – be aware that they do not attack.

  • Name Nordic Heroes.
  • Software IGT.
  • Type Video Slots.
  • Desktop compatible Yes.
  • Mobile compatible no.
  • Tablet compatible no.
  • Game details.
  • Reels 5.
  • Paylines 30.
  • Progressive NO.
  • Max jackpot $45,000.
  • Max cash jackpot $450,000.
  • Max playable chips 30.
  • Wild symbol YES.
  • Multiplier YES.
  • YES Scatter Symbol.
  • Free spins YES.
  • Betting Range $0.30-300.
  • Bets in chips $0.010.
  • Chips per line 1.
  • Bonus game YES.

If you are a worthy warrior and win the various attacks you have suffered, you move on to the next challenge and level of the game. Depending on what level you are, you will get one more step towards the jackpot. You will be rewarded with great prizes for almost every spin.

Bonuses and Remuneration

Nordic Heroes® offers a lot of different symbols depending on what level you are in the game, the wild symbol is the ring of fire and you will be able to make other symbols into wild symbols that will get you a fantastic payout.

The game has 8 levels that you are able to unlock during the game, to get to the next level you need to earn points and these points you won together in battle bonus. All players start at the same level as the walker and the more points you get, the better it is and you will be able to unlock a new level.

To trigger the battle bonus you get battle symbol on reels 1,3 and 5, and it is here that you will be able to meet the various creepy animals for you to earn your points. We recommend hard paytable to be sure what animal you will encounter with weapon and what it takes to complete the level. You can level up you will be awarded free spins and nice multipliers that will double your winnings, you have reached level 7-8 you have the chance to double your winnings x 40 is not all bad we can say. You just climb from level 1-5, you still have a chance to multiply your winnings with x20.

The game is very addictive when you will have to advance in the game and get up in levels. Nordic Heroes is a fantastic gaming experience and is really going to bring out your inner Viking.


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